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Hardest Hit Funds

ADR Consultants, LLC - Technical Assistance / Program Manager

This Site dedicated to support the HHF demolition initiatives in the Cities of Pontiac, Hamtramck, Highland Park and Inkster.  Contractor and Bid Information will be posted on this site regularly so please bookmark and check back often.


 3.10.2015 _ UPDATE

137 Properties identified via Oakland County Treasurer for demolition under this program with demolition activities underway.  50 properties demolished.

Open Enrollment has begun whereas Non Conforming Respondents as well as new contractors can apply anytime for program inclusion. See the link below to be taken to the RFQ documents.

Pontiac - $3.7M Awarded for Blight removal.

Click Here for a copy of LARA Requirements for Demolition Contractors

Click Here for a copy of MIOSHA Requirements for Demolition and Environmental Contractors.

Click Here to be taken to our Contractor Bid Document page for Open Enrollment RFQ documents.


3.10.2015 -

4,015 Properties have been released for demolition activities and all have moved to active demolition with approximately 3,200 demolished.  Program has received an additional $50M increase with the next phase to be managed locally.

All HHF demolitions will include provisions for enhanced fugitive dust control to further enhance the positive impact this program will have on neighborhoods.    

Michigan Hardest Hit Funds Blight Elimination Program 2015

5 Community Grants awarded to address blight via demolition.  Program Total Funding is $100M.

Program Goal is to complete all Demolition activities within the next 12 to 18 months from kick off 9/1/2013.

             HHF Detroit Dashboard

                        Planned     Actual          %

Preliminary Grant Award    $57M         $57M              100%

Number of Demolitions       4,015         3,200             80%

Properties Released
            4,015         4,015             100%

Funds Encumbered             $57M         $57M              100%

             HHF Pontiac Dashboard

Planned     Actual          %

Preliminary Grant Award    $3.7M         $3.7M           100%

Number of Demolitions       285                50               18%

Properties Released
            285                137              48%

Funds Encumbered            $3.7M            $1.5M            41%

Hardest Hit Funds Qualified Contractor Lists


Asbestos Survey RFQ
Demolition and Abatement RFQ


Asbestos Survey RFQ
Demolition and Abatement RFQ

HHF Demolition Map by City:

1. Detroit

2. Flint

3. Grand Rapids
4. Pontiac
5. Saginaw

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